Quo Vadis, AI?

Quo Vadis, AI?
08.04.2018 Damir Tomicic

My dear friend Chandra asked me „what is that change that you expect, artificial intelligence can do for our society?“.

I tried asking Siri and Alexa, but I only got biased answers. No but seriously, this is not an easy question. Concerns about disruptive technologies are common.

A recent example is self-driving cars – it‘ll took years to develop regulation around the industry to make it safe. That said, AI today is a huge benefit to society because it enhances our efficiency and throughput. The rise of AI in our society will enhance our lifestyle. Smart homes, better health, more personalized service. Sure, AI can take over those time-consuming and mundane tasks that are bogging everyone and save a lot of time.

The latest technologies seem typically applied towards the wealthiest among us, but AI has the potential to extend knowledge and understanding to a broader population and indeed, help the poor and people in need. Although AI has promise for solving complex social problems, there are ethical issues and biases we must still explore. We are just beginning to understand how AI can be applied to meaningful problems.

The biggest question for me is nevertheless – will AI bring our society to the next level, where we finally start to understand the power of diversity and equality? How do we ensure that AI is designed and used responsibly? How do we establish ethical principles to protect people? How should we govern its use?

It will be a long journey and we are only at the beginning.


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