Report: MobilityDay 2015

September 25, Zagreb, Croatia

MobilityDay 2015
06.10.2015 Damir Tomicic

“Entertainment in Motion” Keynote

Mobility was defined as the ability to travel from one location to another, regardless of mode or purpose. Today, the connected mobility has transformed the way we live our lives and connect to the world around us. Eighty-four percent of people worldwide are unable to go a single day without using their mobile device. For young people, the mobile device plays an even stronger role in their lives. The question arise – what might one expect for the future of mobility? How this will translate to other consumer usage scenarios like entertainment or services?

Damir Tomicic, CEO of Axinom, presented in his keynote session at “MobilityDay 2015” conference a few thought-provoking scenarios and provided a few examples for global brand strategies that address this question.

With his entertaining and inspiring talk for 360 keynote attendees Damir was selected as the best speaker of the “Mobility Day 2015” conference with an average of 4,9 out of 5.